Who we are

How we are organized

How we are organized


The organization of AMT is built to be flexible and adaptable to better respond to our customer’s needs. We have chosen a lean corporate structure to face up the market changes, instead every projects always presents different features and issues but we want always keep a direct contact with our customers, acting in a quick response time, having a continuous control on the operation and providing effective and efficient solutions.

The existence of a structure, however, does not indicate compartmentalized operation, rather our work is focused on teamwork, we usually maintain a close connection between the customer, our managers and our technicians.


AMT company is formed by managers, repairing team and dismantling team.

The management function is formed by 3 different departments:

  • Legal and administration
  • Marketing, commercial and sales
  • Logistic and quality

The repairing team is composed by about 45 high-skills technicians for PDR and MBR services, and 15 qualified operators for CDR and other smart repair services.

The dismantling team is made up by a group of 20 professional workers that handle the necessary operations to prepare the vehicles for the recovering process.

The entire technical team has followed, at least, 2 years of training and it is continuously upgraded,  attending different courses every year.